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Trekking Places in Bangalore for Beginner

Trekking Places in Bangalore for Beginner

Trekking In Bangalore – Trekking is, with none doubt, a splendid type of joy. Many treks unit hard and now not for a weak heart. If you are substantially unaccustomed to this enthusiastic hiking spree, you’d in all likelihood experience little potty.

However, because you have got that need in your coronary heart and dream in your mind, don’t let that subject exclude that zeal. There unit numerous trekking places getting ready to the metropolis and you are planning to fancy it in case you follow some simple hints and guidelines:

Best Places for Trekking in Bangalore – 2020

Choose for a trustworthy one

If you’re a beginner, you want to begin with a few toddler steps. First, pick up the first straightforward and convenient trekking places in the metropolis and luxuriate within the laugh. Take the pride of your first adventure and build your move.

Take care of your fitness.

Who desires a foul headache and decently whereas travelling? So, the priority ought to be forced to be your checkup before developing for your trekking. It’s generally seen that trekkers suffer from cough, cold, indigestion, and various things.

It is your paintings to tell the trek manager in case you are packed with one factor in and of itself. So, it’s essential to need some time and effort. Build your self-work and accumulate a set for your tour.

Presently visit the pleasant hiking places on the point of the metropolis. So once you unit geared up for your go-to for hiking to places in metropolis, you were given nearly lined the primary p.C. closer to success.

Research may also be an ought to

Do your analysis earlier than going for trekking. It isn’t a child’s play, and it wishes much patience and planning—guarantee regarding the weather and various planning guidelines.

Take the trekking requirements for your trekking


Trekking requirements unit vital before heading on to your adventure. Here unit a few matters listed beneath which can also construct your tour heaps of fulfilling and enjoyable:

  1. Make sure to hold that trekking shoes
  2. Don’t forget about to need that trekking baggage
  3. Cotton shirts unit a required
  4. Pack that shoe
  5. Woolen trousers and sweater are attending to be favorable for cold climate
  6. Sun hat and woolen hat and various very essential matters
  7. Water Bottle, Energy Bars/Drinks
  8. First Aid Box and private Medication
  9. Well, any other very essential difficulty is to % to your hiking baggage is your camera if you want to capture the browse and shoot video. With this very critical vitality, you are equipped for your hiking.

Where you will be able to build your quality memories:

Scenic Savandurga town

Their unit measures a combination of not unusual trails in Savandurga. Commonly this may be usually many familiar and tough treks through the old fortress of Kempe Gowda.

Distance from the metropolis is seventy kilometers, and you’ll be capable of merely ebook Deepam Cabs. We’ve got an inclination to face life having great cabs in the metropolis, and you will be overjoyed to join forces with North Yankee country.

You have to start your adventure from the city at 9.30 inside the morning. You’ll be capable of starting your hiking at Savandurga at one.00 am underneath the path of trekking guides.

Magnificent Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills or Nandidurga can be a contemporary somebody’s destination from the city. Generally, this can usually be one in each of the exceptional possible hiking vacation spots concerning go to as a locality of your city experience.

Nandi Hills

It receives its name from the conventional Nandi. There unit nearly one, 200 steps prepared from the foot of the hill to realize the high-quality possible. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is positioned in Nandi village on the foot of the mountain.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and tree’s Drop, a six hundred measure drop-off from anywhere the tree ruler accustomed to throw his prisoners, offers a beautiful test of the formation. Amrita Sarovar Lake, ruins of tree Sultan’s fort unit extraordinary places to go to.

There are few accommodation alternatives out there on the peak for individuals who want to be forced to information early morning dawn, though trekking the height early at intervals in the morning is the foremost applicable variety. Nandi Hills is also one in each of the first-class feasible.

Distance: 70 KM

Average Elevation: 4900 feet

Famous for: Early morning trek, Sunrise browse

Shivagange excellent trek

Trekking trails in and around city unit tons, and for folks that strive to pass a new analogous path, we have difficulty in presenting to you with Shivaganga Hill. 

Entrance Fee: Rs 50 ,

Visiting Time: 6am-10pm

Best for revel in seekers, hiking, images and in the long run enterprise enterprise

Ramnagara trek

Ramnagara can be a city at some point in a province. Ramanagara is a concept for its silk market, giving it the alternative name of Silk city. Book this trek with BanBanjara

Another terrific hill at Ramanagara is Ramagiri hill, the shooting region of the outstanding film Sholay. This is about four kilometers from Ramnagara.

The excellent viability of the mountain honors the ancient Pattabhi avatar temple. Ramnagara trek is one in each of the exciting experiences which you merely, which you, in reality, can have and construct your trip memorable.

Best temporal belongings for hiking at this place is in the course of a season of iciness. At this time, the temporal property is familiar and satisfactory for touring. You will be able to tell your friends and build them absolutely to go to this vicinity.

Mesmerizing Anthargange

Anthargange is one of a few of the fundamental journeying locations for hiking around the city. This course is additionally a combination of hiking and cave exploration. 


The distance of this area from town is seventy kilometers, and it’s truthful to moderate. It is quality for overnight habitation within the caves, and you will choose to go to this location thousands of and lots of. So don’t merely sit back. Rent cabs from Deepam cabs and build the foremost out folks because we offer beautiful cabs in the metropolis.

Skandagiri Trek

The serene and classy environment around Skandagiri will genuinely accelerate your secretion to an entirely new level. Tried and tested by amateurs and professionals, this moderately tricky trek needs to be forced to be for all thrill-seekers.

The climb receives a tiny low amount, growing an ordeal as you reach the Papagni Temple, herewith providing treacherous terrains amongst the dense shrubs round.

From now, the steep climb desires tight footwork until you attain the summit. The Skandagiri night time trek is purely out of the arena and mesmerizing. It’ll exclude your breath and transfer your day into one factor diverting and first-rate.

The best time to travel to the mountain is in winter, and Skandagiri night time hiking is the only because of its very own thrill and includes an exceptional turning reason.

However, earlier than that you just genuinely need to be pressured to ebook taxis with Deepam Cabs. We’ve got an inclination to face excellent taxi and cab service providers in metropolis with a few years of experience.

Our native taxi service at the side of the local cab provider is the shape of recent and significant. Besides, you may be capable of further picking our station cabs—the station cabs unit when you unit movement for long-distance.

List about Trekking Places near Bangalore

  1. Skandagiri Sunrise Trek, Bangalore
  2. Channagiri Trek, Bangalore
  3. Uttari Betta Trek, Bangalore
  4. Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg – 220 km from Bangalore
  5. Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga – 278 km from Bangalore
  6. Mullayangiri Trek, Chikmagalur – 263 km from Bangalore
  7. Tadiyandamol Trek, Coorg – 264 km from Bangalore
  8. Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur – 332 km from Bangalore
  9. Gokarna Beach Trek, Gokarna – 480 km from Bangalore
  10. Ramanagara Trek, Ramanagara – 55 km from Bangalore
  11. Anthargange Trek, Kolar – 60 km from Bangalore
  12. Kunti Betta Trek, Kachenahalli – 130 km from Bangalore
  13. Kabbaladurga – 82 km from Bangalore
  14. Savandurga Trek, Dabguli – 65 km from Bangalore
  15. Makalidurga Trek, Doddaballapur – 60 km from Bangalore
  16. Bheemeshwari Trek, Mandya – 110 km from Bangalore
  17. Ranganathaswamy Betta Night Trek, Bilikal Betta – 70 km from Bangalore
  18. Madhugiri Trek, Madhugiri – 104 km from Bangalore
  19. Nishani Motte Trek, Coorg – 250 km from Bangalore
  20. Brahmagiri Trek, Coorg – 270 km from Bangalore
  21. Kopatty Hills Trek, Coorg – 275 km from Bangalore
  22. Kotebetta Trek, Coorg – 275 km fro Bnagalore
  23. Ombattu Gudda Trek, Sakleshpur – 221 km from Bangalore
  24. Kemmangundi Trek, Chikmagalur – 256 km from Bangalore
  25. Pushpagiri Trek, Coorg – 256 km from Bangalore
  26. Ebbanad Trek, Ooty – 275 km from Bangalore
  27. Tavoor Hills Trek, Coorg – 294 km from Bangalore
  28. Baba Budangiri Trek, Chikmagalur – 275 km from Bangalore
  29. Kanoor Kote Trek, Shimoga – 310.6 km from Bangalore
  30. Kundadri Trek, Shimoga – 310.6 km from Bangalore
  31. Mukurthi Trek, Ooty – 478 km from Bangalore
  32. Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty – 290 km from Bangalore
  33. Parsons Trek, Ooty – 290 km from Bangalore
  34. Rangaswamy Piller Trek, Ooty – 290 km from Bangalore
  35. Narasimha Parvata Trek, Agumbe – 360 km from Bangalore
  36. Dudhsagar Trek, Karnataka – Goa Border – 548 km from Bangalore
  37. Phanaswadi Waterfall Trek, Belgaum – 654 km from Bangalore

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