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6 Exhilarating Things To Do In Ramnagar For A Fun Trip In 2022 – CIT

A quaint, small town located in Uttarakhand, located in the foothills of the Himalayas and known around the world for being close to Jim Corbett National Park. You must have guessed it by now! Ramnagar is the place and if you are planning to visit that place, you will naturally want to know about the exciting Things to do in Ramnagar. Most of the people prefer to travel from Ramnagar to other famous places in Uttarakhand including Nainital, Ranikhet, Bhimtal and Sattal. However, if you are exploring Corbett then chances are you will plan your stay in Ramnagar, as it is the nearest city. To locate the park, you need to get permission from the local authorities, and those offices are also located in Ramnagar.

There are many such places near Ramnagar which are visited by many tourists from all over the world. Some of them are Garjiya Temple, Corbett Museum, Dikla, Birjani, Durga Mandir Temple and others. Ramnagar is quite easy to reach, although there is no airport available there. You can fly to Pantnagar airport and hire a cab from there to reach Ramnagar. Or else, you can go there by train as Ramnagar has a busy railway station.

7 Top Things to Do in Ramnagar

As Ramnagar is located near Jim Corbett National Park, it is clear that most of the activities mentioned in this blog will be related to forests and wildlife. You and your family will have a wonderful time participating in these activities together. Travelers from all over the world love to do these things, and you will love them too.

1. Jim Corbett National Park: Witness the Wildlife

One of the most important things to do in Ramnagar is to explore Jim Corbett National Park as that is the real reason why you are there. With an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 520 sq km, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most majestic places to visit in India. The forest is home to more than 580 different groups of birds, 25 different species of reptiles, and over 50 different types of mammals. Most of the tourists have been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the majestic animals like wild cats, tigers, leopards, deer and more.

The area around the national park is also quite gorgeous. If you go there, you will be able to see the beautiful mountains around the park quite easily. The woodland is quite dense, and if you don’t take a trained guide with you, you will get lost there. Also, to explore the park, you will need to hire a car.

2. Kosi River: Witness the Beauty

Kosi River: Sakshi the Beauty

The Kosi River surrounds Jim Corbett National Park, and is a perfect place to relax after exploring the park for a long time. The river is full of fresh fish that many tourists like to catch and fishing here is one of the interesting things to do in Ramnagar. You can also participate in fishing there, but for this you will need to get permission from the local authorities.

If you want to see the river quite comfortably, then you should not go there during monsoon, as the flow becomes quite erratic during that time. While visiting the river, you can also catch a glimpse of wild animals as many animals from the nearby national park go to the river to drink water. The river is a great place for bird watching. To fully experience the beauty of the national park and Kosi River, you must stay at one of the resorts located there.

3. Corbett Waterfall: Enjoy Picnic

Beautiful Corbett Waterfall

Visiting Corbett Falls is one of the best things to do if you want to spend a quiet and enjoyable day with your family or travel alone to gain a new perspective in life and prepare yourself for the challenges that are to come. is one. To feel peace and solitude in Ramnagar.

The waterfall is located very close to the national park and you have to trek for 1.5 km to reach there. You will like this route very much due to going through the dense forest. Many people like to have a picnic with their family near the waterfall, while others like to swim in the pond built under the waterfall.

4. Sitabani Forest: Witnessing Rare Birds

beautiful sitabani forest

If you are a bird-lover, then you need to visit Sitabani forest during your trip to Ramnagar. This is the only area within the premises of Jim Corbett National Park where you will get to explore the city on foot. Although there are no wild animals in the city, it is quite famous for excellent bird watching. Most of the bird-watchers go there to observe various endangered species of birds.

Apart from the natural beauty and many species of birds, this forest also holds strong religious significance for the Hindu people. As it is said that this is the place where Goddess Sita spent her days of exile according to the Indian epic Ramayana. Hence the name of the forest is named after him. You can also enjoy the jungle through elephant safari, but for that you have to take a permit

5. Corbett Museum: Learn About History

Corbett Museum

If you are visiting Ramnagar to explore Jim Corbett National Park, then you must visit the Corbett Museum to know the history of the national park, which is one of the fun things to do in Ramnagar. The museum is quite beautiful and interesting as it was earlier the bungalow of Jim Corbett, the founder of the national park.

Over there, you will get to know about their lives and the ranges of animals hunted during their time. You will also get to know about the nooks and corners of the national park. The museum will help guide you on your journey to explore the forests more efficiently. Apart from the educational value, this museum also sells many artifacts and handicrafts that allow you to remember the gorgeous forest.

6. Camp Kyari: Go Camping

Go camping in Kyari

Kyari is a beautiful village located near Ramnagar, and now many adventure-seeking tourists prefer to explore the entire area by staying at Camp Kyari which is soon becoming quite popular and included in the list of adventure things to do in Ramnagar. Is. Not only camps but many resorts are located here, where you can experience the authentic essence of Kumaoni forests.

One can either stay in the camps to be in the lap of nature or stay in one of the rooms of the resort for luxury and comfort. There are many activities that tourists take part in there that will allow you to connect with nature even more. Some of them are cycling, river rafting, trekking, hiking and more. Camp Kyari allows you to take a good look at the life of the locals living in Uttarakhand. You can spend your time, thus having a picnic with your family on the banks of river Khichdi or Kosi river.

7. Ziplining in Jim Corbett

All the activities mentioned here will open your mind and help you immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of Uttarakhand. These activities also don’t cost a lot of money, and most of them are free. You and your family will feel a true sense of being together by involving yourself in the activities. Next time you visit, do not miss to take part in these interesting things to do in Ramnagar. so what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Uttarakhand and go ahead!

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Frequently asked questions about things to do in Ramnagar

What are the Top Activities to Participate in Ramnagar?

If you visit Ramnagar, you will have to take part in some activities there. Some of them are exploring the National Park of Jim Corbett, having a picnic with their family along the banks of the Kosi River, camping at Camp Kyari, bird watching at Sitabani, and many more.

What is the cost of participating in Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett National Park?

There are many packages available to explore the wilderness in Jim Corbett National Park. The lowest price starts from Rs 1500.

Where is the Kosi river located in Ramnagar?

Kosi River in Uttarakhand is located inside the premises of Jim Corbett National Park. Many hotels are located outside.

Can tourists walk inside Jim Corbett’s Sitabani area?

Yes, luckily, Sitabani is the only area inside Jim Corbett National Park where you will be able to explore the city on foot.

Where is the famous camp Kyari located in Ramnagar?

Camp Kyari is located in Kyari village of Uttarakhand. Most of the people who come to Ramnagar go there to live amidst the natural surroundings.

When is Jim Corbett National Park closed?

Jim Corbett National Park closed on 15 June and reopened on 14 November. You cannot go to the park during the said time.

What is the best time to visit Ramnagar?

The best time to visit Ramnagar is between November to April. Otherwise, you will not be able to explore the Corbett National Park.

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