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Udai Temple

Udai Mandir Jodhpur

The Town of temples, Jodhpur in Rajasthan is home to many ancient temples constructed by skilled artisans and designed by architects famous throughout the then Indian subcontinent. One of these is that the Uday Mandir Temple located on the Uday Mandir Road of Jodhpur.

This pilgrimage legacy website is guaranteed to incite in you a feeling of immense esteem towards into the rich civilization of knowledge and engineering that embodied within Indians at the age when many civilisations were taking baby steps ahead of creation.

The Uday Mandir is yet another striking instance of the complex details placed into the design plan of this temple. The sacred site welcomes people with a grand welcome via its principal gate that’s carved with sandstones. On entering and confronting the most important temple, it’s noticed that the shrine is built on over a 100 strong columns.

Art and Photography fans, this temple should see location for you while you are able to brace yourself for a surge of awe-struck minutes while watching the highly-illustrated paintings suspended inside the brightly colored walls of this temple.

The sanctum sanctorum or the Garbha Griha is partly covered with a fabric that’s embroidered with elegant designs. Gold baskets protect the circumference of the fabric. Additionally, you encounter paintings depicting 84 Yogasanas.


Known To be current before the institution of princely states within Rajasthan, this temple puts a wonderful importance concerning Indian culture and architecture. It arouses all with its screen of varied positions in Yoga and meditation which were in clinic in India since the Vedic era.


The Udai Mandir is situated on the Udai Mandir Road and is visible from a very long distance, owing to the mega size architecture and gorgeous architecture. It’s hardly 5kms in the Jodhpur Airport and is only a 13 minutes drive off. Those travelling through railroad to Jodhpur, the temple is only 3 kms away from the line of sight. If you’re travelling from Jaipur, then you want to drive to Uday Pur Panch Sheel Marg, Jodhpur, 330 kms away.


After Finishing a satisfying sightseeing visit to the Uday Mandir, invest the rest of the day roaming around the roads of Cycle Market, Sarafa Bazaar, Ganpati Markets and artwork emporiums displaying craft and art special to the Rajputana tradition of Rajasthan.

You can also go to the Lalji Handlooms and buy souvenirs from Jodhpur Bazaar Woodcarving Centre. Eventually check into the many food outlets visited by tourists, which provide Dal Bati Churma, a favorite Rajasthani dish that’s guaranteed to win more than your taste buds.


The Magnificent temple opens at 9am and shuts down at 3pm daily for the visitors.


Despite Its grandeur, visitors aren’t charged with any entrance fee.


Jodhpur Includes a great deal to offer to traveling, culture, history and architecture buffs. To appreciate A memorable vacation in the neighborhood of this Udai Mandir, take a look at the city during The weeks of winter, as soon as you are able to devour the Rajasthani delicacies and research to your heart’s content.