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Tanot Mata

Tanot Mata Jaisalmer

The Tanot Mata Temple located at the Tanot village of district Jaisalmer, is a significant attraction for people visiting the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. It’s enveloped within several legends that are certain to instil amazement and fascination towards its own sacred power and innocence. The legacy site is maintained and preserved by the Border Security Force (BSF) of India because the Indo-Pakistan warfare in 1971.

Localities Have enormous faith on the temple austerity and cover periodic trip to the Tanot Mata. She’s Thought to be an apparition of this Hinglaj Mata Goddess. Tanot is in close proximity with Longewala, a crucial India-Pakistan boundary that prohibits access to any person without consent of Indian Government government. Because of its topography, it may harness large amounts of wind power, thus visitors may see the rows of windmill energy plants based here.

There’s a museum constructed adjacent to the temple which shows certain historical artefacts gathered from the war period. This is essential visit location for people who would like to pay their homage to the Indian Army along with the temple that’s deemed sacred by the Indian personalities of defence and stability.


Current Since ages, the Tanot Mata shrine gained nationwide fame following the war involving India and Pakistan which has been waged in 1965. Militants from the opposite side of the boundary have been depositing bombs intending the Tanot village. However, regardless of the fact that over 1000 bombs were established, not one of them diffused from the area surrounding the Tanot Mata Temple, thereby protecting its civilians along with a huge group of the Indian soldiers.


The Temple is 153 kms from Jaisalmer. You will find taxis plied each hour for carrying devotees and traffic of this temple that’s a two hour drive from the primary city. Also those camping at the Thar Desert can hire a taxi and pay a brief visit to the mythical website.


After Paying your respects to the Goddess, it is possible to take a round the museum established in precisely the exact same area. It retains a general exhibition of their arms and ammunitions used throughout the Indo-Pakistan wars of 1965 and 1971. They hold great importance, as the bombs used to attack the natives of Tanot village not diffused. After finishing this pilgrimage excursion, it is possible to organize a camel safari in the Thar Desert or program a sightseeing excursion of the imperial temples of Jaisalmer.


Being a Hub of cultural and historical tourist attractions, it could be handy to take note of seeing hours of this temple. The temple is open to devotees since sunrise and shuts post apocalyptic following Arati Puja each day.


Being a Website for the dedicated, the temple assumptions do not charge any entrance fee from traffic. It’s preserved by the soldiers of BSF because 1965.


Being Situated near the Thar Desert, the perfect time to go to the Tanot Mata Temple is Through the months from November to January, as soon as you’re able to enjoy the blazing rays Of sunlight and enjoy the glow of winter. So, chart a trip to Jaisalmer and The Tanot Mata Temple to the winter vacations.