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Rasik Bihari

rasik bihari temple Jodhpur

One of The many areas of worship in Jodhpur, the Rasik Bihari Temple is also a famous one that can be seen by the tourists travelling to the location. This temple is famous by yet another renowned name that’s that the Naini Ji Temple. It’s devoted to Lord Krishna whose the following name is Rasik Bihari and it’s being named.

The Main section of the temple is constructed from white stone and is surrounded by fulfilling halls on either side. These halls are known as Sabha Mandaps that have reddish colored columns made from sandstones. There’s also a gallery within the temple known as the parikrama.

In the entrance of this temple you will see the statues of Lord Garuda, Vishnu and Hanumanji on both side of the gate that’s an excellent attraction for the tourists. The people will also see the statue of Lord Surya within the temple premises.

At the center hall of this temple that the idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radhaji decorate the area with their mesmerizing beauty. The two idols are superbly decorated and well maintained. This temple is essential see when you’re on vacations in Jaipur.


The Rasik Bihari Temple was built by Naini Bai. Back in 1885 AD, Raja Jaswant Singh gave an idol of Lord Nandi made from marble to be retained inside this temple.


Both the Jodhpur Railway Station and also Jodhpur airport are well linked to the Rasik Bihari Temple and could be reached from some other cities of the nation. Tourists will also become ample community transportation from Jodhpur which conveys passengers into the temple.


This Temple reflects the architectural beauty where the temple was assembled. You may see this fabulous work of art achieved by the natives of these eras which even now attracts individuals from all around the nation. Being a website of Hindu pilgrimage it encounters a massive audience each year. Notably the devotees of Lord Krishna frequently stop by this location to offer their prayers.


The Launching of the temple gate varies according to the seasons.

Summer: The morning pooja begins from 6:30 am to 7am and also the day pooja begins from 6:45pm to 7:30pm.

Winter: The afternoon pooja is from 6:45am to 7:30am and the day pooja begins at 6:45pm and ends at 7:30pm.


No Entrance fee is billed.


The Ideal time for a visit to Jodhpur is through the winter months once the weather Is gratifying.