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Kunj Bihari

kunj bihari temple jodhpur

Kunj Bihari Temple is located in Jodhpur that is apparently the replica of the renowned Ghanshyamji temple in Jodhpur.

The Temple is a good instance of exceptional and wonderful architecture. The cover of the temple and the entry was created in a really beautiful manner that will slip a look. The temple is dedicated to Shri Kunj Bihari or even Lord Krishna. A statue of Meera Bai, the best devotee of Lord Krishna rests in the entrance of this temple. There’s a Garbha Griha or fundamental hallway within the temple. Opposite to and confronting the statue of Meera Bai, the idol of Lord Krishna could be viewed.

On the Right hand side of this statue of Meera is the statue of Saint Namdeo. Towards the remaining Meera is the statue of Hanuman ji. The shrine of Lord Krishna is constructed using Chittor sandstone and Makrana stone. There’s also a toran dwar in the entrance of this temple. At the cover of the sanctorum, there’s an elaborated and intricately carved shikhar using a kalash in the apex. The paintings within the temple are all amazing to see. The temple is quite beautifully designed and will take your breath away. The insides and era old architecture is well worth seeing and just individuals with enduring sights may comprehend the worth of their temple. The temple has a gorgeous entry arch too.


The Temple was constructed in 1847 by Maharaja Vijay Singhji at the memory of his own teenaged boy Sher Singh who died at a really young age. The temple is located in the insides of Jaipur however is available by all ways. The shrine is constructed from Chittor sandstone and Makrana marble. The temple belongs to Rama Nandi Vaishnava sects of Hindus. The marvelous structure of this building is something to keep a note of. A Shiva temple can be there that is two floors under the surface but may also be understood in the surface. A pathway can also be there to pay a visit to the temple.


The Temple is located at the core of the city that means that it is accessible by a variety of ways. Buses, trains and flights can be found in town through which you can arrive at the town and may later go to the temple with the assistance of public transportation.


There Are a great deal of things to do while you trip to the temple. To begin with, the darshan of Lord Krishna and moment, seeing the whole temple to take a look on its own structure and interiors. Aside from that you may also stop by the closest Shiva temple to seek blessing in the deity too. Sightseeing is unquestionably part of the list. Watching old women singing bhajans can also be among things to do about. Seeing Ghanshyam ji temple is also a fantastic idea since it’s the precise replica of Kunj Bihari Temple. All these are several places one can see:

  • Mehrangarh Fort
  • Jaswant Thada
  • Rameshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Maha Mandir
  • Chamunda Temple


The Temple opens to many public at 06:00 in the morning and closes at night at 10:00PM.


There Is no entrance fee required to join the temple.


The Finest time to see the temple is through winter months since the weather will probably be Pleasant and trendy. Aside from that visiting the temple throughout festival is the Finest time.