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Harshat Mata

Abhaneri village in Dausa

The Temple is located in Abhaneri village in Dausa district of Rajasthan, India. It’s 95 km from Jaipur and is located on the Jaipur- Agra road. The village is popular for Harsha Mata Temple and Chand Baori measure nicely.

There Is a mandap within the temple that is built on columns in an sanctum fashion strategy. The outer walls of this temple have Brahman bhadra markets and pictures of gods carved on them. You will find nice sculptures which is discovered at the upper portion of this temple. The temple is devoted to the goddess Harshat Mata who’s regarded as the goddess of joy and joy.

The Temple functions as a renowned tourist attraction in Rajasthan and largely Abhaneri or even Abha Nagri. No matter how the temple was nearly ruined during the invasion by Islamic rulers in the 10th century. Nevertheless the temple boasts about its own architectural and sculptural styles.

According to legends that the goddess always appears to be cheerful and happy and devotes the exact same to the whole village. Since the temple is situated just opposite to the renowned Chand Baori, one must stick to the ritual of washing feet and hands in the well before going into the temple.

The Mandap or even the sanctum within the temple is dome like or curved based structure. The idol of the goddess is shielded by bounds all over made from iron. The staircase facing the gate are built in such a manner it will direct anybody to the surface in addition to the top shiver of this temple instantly.

There’s a Shiva temple which is made up of Shiva Panchayat on the ideal side of their top shiver. The columns of the temple have been superbly carved and made to pull individuals from all around India.


This Massive temple was built in 8th century by King Chand. The temple is quite old and nearly half of this temple is destroyed. Nevertheless the temple boasts the staying sculptures and architecture which are found inside. Aside from that, the temple has superbly designed mandap and columns which are amazing to see.

The design of this temple is also distinct from other temples also gives it a special appearance. No matter how the picture of the goddess isn’t visible to individuals, their religion pull them to go to the temple.


The Village Abhaneri is 95 km from the primary town of Jaipur and could be reached by taxis or buses. An individual may also take their personal vehicles together to go to the temple. The location is easily available and attaining the temple isn’t tough.


An Individual can Pay a visit to the temple to seek blessing in the deity of pleasure and happiness and can observe the design and architecture of the temple together with age old structures which are complete on the walls and columns of this temple.

Aside from that the renowned Chand Baori is also a significant tourist attraction. After going to the temple you can proceed to the most important town and have plenty of fun.


The Temple is available to all through the afternoon and people may pay a visit to the temple at any time of the day.


There Is no entrance fee requested to go into the temple.

BEST TIME to Go to

Any Period of the season is the ideal time to see the temple.