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Galta Ji


Located At roughly a distance of 10km from Jaipur from town of Khania-Balaji, the Galtaji temple is a Hindu pilgrimage frequently visited by the folks from all around the nation.


There Are many temples within this website and one the unique attractions of this place is really a natural spring which flows downwards in the mountain top. The water from the spring fills up several kunds or water tanks that are thought to be very sacred and the pilgrims going to the temple take bathe in this water.

The temple consists of seven sacred water tanks or kunds from which the Galta Kund is the most important of all. The water of the type is thought to differ from anyplace else that makes it much more intriguing for the people to watch.

The Temple is frequently known as the Monkey Temple because you will come across a lot of apes drifting around here inside the complex. This famous temple of Jaipur is devoted to Lord Hanuman who’s also referred to as the Sun God.

This superb sacred temple of the Hindus is made from pink sandstone and also the temple looks similar to a palace compared to a place of worship. Since the temple can be found on the Aravalli Hills, it gives an excellent view of the town of Jaipur in the hilltop. The surrounding of the temple also produces a beautiful landscape with green vegetations on either side. You’ll also find tiny temples dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna being found inside the complex.

The walls of this temple are beautifully decorated and painted with curved columns and curved roofs. This sacred shrine experiences a whole lot of audience each year through the occasion of Makar Sakranti when a high number of devotees visit the temple to take dip in the sacred waters of this kund.


The Galtaji temple was constructed in the 18th century by Diwan Rao Kriparam who functioned as an attendant from the courtroom of Sawai Jai Singh 2.


There Are two paths where the people can travel for this particular temple. The very first one is quite simple by which you can hire a taxi or automobile and immediately get to the temple. The other choice is to scale up to Galtaji in the western portion of Jaipur. On this way the tourists receive an wonderful view of the Sun temple and the other attractions of Jaipur.


Capture Some beautiful moments with your family on a trip to the temple because the mysterious area of this temple grounds to get amazing photography. Aside from that, there’s a near allure for this temple called the Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh that’s a fantastic palace frequently visited with the travelers.


The Galtaji temple of Jaipur stays open from 5am to 9pm for its traffic on most days of the week.


The Temple fees no admission fee in the traffic however you always have the option to donate some amount in accordance with your desire whilst on a trip to this sacred location.


The Perfect time to see the temple will be about dusk once the temple is adorned In gold light and many monkeys have been observed playing at the compound of this temple. You also get a panoramic view of Jaipur now in the very best of The mountain. In Accordance with the month, mid-January could be a perfect time to plan Vacations in Jaipur.