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Dwarkadheesh Temple

dwarkadheesh temple

The temple of Dwarkadheesh is found in Kankroli that is situated in a distance of 65 km from Udaipur. Dwarkadhish is a title that’s employed in the context of Lord Krishna because this shrine is devoted to Lord Krishna.

This temple has a unique significance from the spiritual perspective and has attracted countless devotees from the respective areas of the planet. The temple features a serene and tranquil ambience that alleviates the devotees of their anxieties and soothes their spirit.

This temple is among the chief reasons why the village has gained such a great deal of fame. The ambiance of the temple is quite relaxing and relaxing. The calm environment along with also the cool soothing breeze in the Rajsamand Lake will be able to allow you to forget all of your troubles and sorrows.

People coming here possess a moving religious experience that remains together long after they’ve abandoned the place. The trip to the temple is not the same experience alone. In reality your visit to Rajasthan will not be regarded as complete without seeing the Dwarkadhish temple in Kankroli.


The fundamental idol of the temple has been imported from Mathura from Maharana Raj Singh at the year 1671 CE. The temple has been constructed in precisely the exact same time whenever the Rajsamand Lake was inaugurated — which is in 1676 AD.

The grandson of Vallabhacharya, Sri Bal Krishna ji took the duty of taking good care of their deity and its own idol. It’s since then that this temple is among the most crucial centers of worship for the followers of Vaishnavite cult. This temple has the maximum rank amongst the rest of the Vallabhacharya temples. It will remind one of this Nathdwara temple.


The temple of Dwarkadhish is located at the village of Kankroli that is neighboring to the city of Udaipur. Individuals that wish to see this temple may avail the local transportation system from Udaipur and get to the destination. They could take buses or may also hire taxis.


The temple is a gorgeous creation that’s adorned with quite charming gardens plus a rather interesting library. There are different things that could also interest the tourist like the local Navchauki Dam. This dam is superb for seeing birds. The fundamental idol of this temple is constructed of red stone and therefore looks quite different and lovely.


The temple is open to all through the afternoon and people may pay a visit to the temple at any time of the day.


The entrance for this temple doesn’t have any charge.


The temple can be seen in any portion of the year. The winters are nevertheless the season which is going to be the most comfy for sightseeing and visiting different areas of this city. Festivals linked to Lord Krishna are yet again ideal time to see this temple to find the parties.