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Deo Somnath

deo somnath temple

Deo Somnath Temple is situated on the bank of the River Som, some 24 kilometers from Dungarpur. This really is a temple that’s been dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. The shrine is constructed from marble and posses three dual paned gates which are located on the west, west and south west of the temple.

The temple is believed to happen to be constructed near the 12th century. The previous inscriptions which are created on the walls of this temple could be traced back to 1493 AD.

Nearby The temple you can observe a range of memorials and shrines which were produced from the memory of those warriors whose final rites were played here. It’s been considered that the present structure of this temple is a sole skeletal representation because he flood waters from the River Som have done much damage to the temple along with its own inner designing and structure.


The Deo Somnath rock temple is located about 24 kilometers from Dungarpur. This temple was constructed in the 12th century and is a really close replica of the true Somnath temple in Gujarat. Numerous invaders from the lands, notably Mahmud of Ghazni did loot and plunder the actual temple so many occasions. From the panic that such raids will really destroy the temple, even the Shiva devotees made this replicate temple around the inland.


The Deo Somnath temple is juts 24 km away from the area named Dungarpur. This is a space which will be readily hauled across the way of land transportation. The visitor or the visitor could sail by street route and by the railroad route.


The Deo Somnath temple is one which has stayed to be a fantastic fascination for spiritual sanctity and as an import ant location that retains excellent specimen of the current artwork and design traits. Individuals visiting this temple make certain to get transported to another planet whilst going through the several characteristics of the temple like the Grabha Graha, the primary Mandap etc..


The Temple is available on most days from early dawn to late at night. The temple nonetheless since is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the festivals and the rituals which are linked to Shiva are completed with a great deal of grandeur and reveal. During these instances the opening and the final time may differ.


The Devotees, as well as the ordinary tourists, don’t have to pay an entry fee at the time of entering this particular temple. It’s totally free of charge.


The Deo Somnath Temple is available all around the year. Hence There’s no best time as such For seeing the location. But since the place is located in Rajasthan, as a Tourist it’ll be best in the event that you come to the place from the winters.

The Moment Between October and February is the ideal time for seeing this temple. Occasions And festivals associated with Shiva bring a bigger traffic of devotees. All these Seasons can be averted so that more economical budgets could be preserved.