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Achal Nath

achal nath

Since the Name will indicate Achal Nath Shivalaya is a famous temple in Jodhpur that’s been devoted to Lord Shiva. The template is an area of spiritual eminence. It’s an epitome of this culture, heritage and also the age old spiritual practises which were completed from individuals of the area. The temple is a powerhouse of superb architectural grandeur and shows the architectural styles followed in the modern times from the north western areas of India. This shrine is a party of the grandeur of Hindu faith. The building of this could be traced back into the 16th century. The temple is a popular tourist attraction and individuals from all around the nation come down to see it both to the religious and heritage construction. The temple is also a favorite point for Lord Shiva devotees.


This Template has been assembled from the year 1531 from Nanak Devi. She had been the queen and wife of Rao Ganga. The temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and has been constructed to practise the worship of this popular Hindu deity. There are distinguished water reservoirs within the temple which are intended for drinking water. The building of the temple had been finished in the year 1531 on 21st May. It’s a really famous area of religious sanctity for those of Jodhpur. In the present times it holds an extremely important position concerning the culture of this town of Jodhpur and its own people.


The Temple of Achal Nath Shivalaya could be reached by road, railroad and additionally atmosphere. This temple can be found in the area of Sodagaran Mohalla that’s located at the city of Jodhpur. An individual can handily employ a cab or get a bus to get to the area. It’s also quite easy to make it to the area through railroad since the town of Jodhpur is conveniently connected with other towns for example Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Agra, Jodhpur, Jaipur etc via a network of railways. The closest airport to the temple is that the Jodhpur airport that’s approximately 6 km apart.


The Internal architecture inside the temple are a few of the items to see. Mention could be made of Ganga Bawari — the drinking water tank, Mandap Bhavan, Garbha Griha and the Kirtan Bhavan that are the distinguished places that you may see within the temple. The interior of the temple has amazing Chhitar stone carvings.


The Temple is available on most days from 10a. m to 1p. M and from 2p. m to 4:30p.m.


There Are no entrance fees for your temple. An individual can enter it for free.


There Aren’t any prescribed best times to see the Achal Nath Shivalaya Temple. However The distinctive parties and commemorate events of lord Shiva can display Larger pomp and show in the temple. People Going to the temple throughout such Events can find a glimpse of the authentic spiritual practises and the civilization Of town and its inhabitants. This will give them insight into the legacy of this Individuals of this section of the nation.