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Patwon Ki Haveli

patwon ki haveli

From the Town of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan a classical architectural marvel stands, also called the Patwon ki Haveli. Located close to the Patwa valley, this haveli includes of 5 distinct palaces, and it’s also called the home of the brocade retailers, since it was constructed with a wealthy brocade shopper and merchant. The 5 mansions are intended for 5 Patwa brothers. Currently, there’s 1 haveli where guests have been set up, while others are within the jurisdiction of Archeological Survey of India.

Within the home, there’s a museum and store for classic furniture. The mansion is constructed from yellow sandstone with brownish gateway. The walls are adorned with beautiful mirror functions and gorgeous paintings. Additionally, all its arches is made with a distinctly distinctive style. You will find lattice or jali carvings, which allow the sun illuminate the area. It’s about 60 balconies in complete, and the arrangement is built in traditional design of Jaisalmer. This mansion complex is among the very well maintained heritages of the area.


A Wealthy merchant called Guman Chand Patwa assembled this mansion complicated, and the very first of this mansions was constructed in 1805. The entire mansion complicated with its grandeur grown up in the course of 60 decades. The first mansion nonetheless, remains the greatest of them all. It was the next haveli to be assembled in Jaisalmer.


From Jaisalmer, you will find local transfers to achieve the haveli. There are two primary bus racks in town, where you will come across numerous buses going into the haveli. There’s also a railroad station in Jaisalmer, which may be used to traveling from different areas.


There Are a range of tourist attractions near the Patwon ki Haveli, for example Badal Mahal, the Folklore Museum, etc.. There’s a Sunset Point at Jaisalmer, from which you may experience a stunning sunset on a day once the sky remains clear. There’s also the Jaisalmer fort, made from sandstone, and resembling gold from bright sunlight.


The Haveli is shut for people following dark hours.


No Entrance fee is required

BEST TIME to Go to

The Finest time to see this place is throughout the winter months, from end October to mid February. Summer is usually too hot to handle in such areas, and so, not the perfect time to travel.