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Maldives Tour Package From India Guide

Maldives Tour

Here’s Everything You Need to Know 

Attractive beaches, clear blue waters, thrilling activities, and mesmerizing sunrises, Maldives tourism is endowed with many features that attract singles, honeymooners, and families.

By booking the affordable Maldives tour package from India you will explore this mysterious world in the Indian Ocean and fall in love with this country.

This tropical country has maintained its image for decades and has attracted the whole world, especially Indians. 

Every year families book affordable Maldives tour package from India to capitalize on their holidays. Resd about most beautiful islands in India.

While not undermining the travel craze of Indians, Roaming Routes provides the most cost effective and convenient Maldives tour package from India.

Roaming routes is the best tour agent in India with a vast experience of making 10000 travelers a memorable moment. 

Maldives – A Holiday Heaven for Indians 

The Maldives is close to the counts on of every traveller as there is a lot that you would like to do throughout the day. Let’s know about the activities that will keep your energy at its peak during the trip. 

Things to Do in Maldives

The rich sea coastline of the Maldives tests every person who claims to be a water child. There are many things to do here that people from all over the world come to live.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, and boating in the blue water are the main attractions that every traveler will want to enjoy. If you are on a honeymoon, take your partner’s hand and walk on the white sand or indulge the soul in the couple’s spa.

Here are the things you must experience in the Maldives. 

Maldives sea plan ride 

Diving at manta point 

Submarine ride in Maldives 

Underwater restaurant visit 

Speed boat riding at kurumba 

Include in the Bodu Beru show in Maldives 

Top 5 Places to Visit in the Maldives 

Maldives has double expressions of life, where at one end it is crowded markets of capital Male, and the serene beaches on the other side. No matter what your

instincts, the Maldives will give you the atmosphere of demand. Get to know some of the fantastic places in Maldives where you need to be on my last journey. They are: 

Male City, Capital City 

Malé, the capital of the Maldives, is a well-organized city that is rich in heritage and a center of attraction for pristine beaches, providing a perfect shopping atmosphere, so lost in crowded markets and find a good deal. 

COMO Cocoa Island-Island of Luxurious Resort 

The Maldives is the glorious carrier of hundreds of magnificent islands, yet if you leave here without touching its COMO cocoa island, then the journey will be incomplete.

It is an excellent place for relaxation, which is not close to anyone’s imagination except for heaven surrounded by coconut trees. 

Addu Atoll-South Of Maldives

The southernmost tip of the Maldives, also known as the Seenu atoll, is equipped with beautiful islands. The clean local villages here are completely covered with trees, and the tall coconut trees on the range look like sentinels. 

Vaadhoo Islands-Illuminated Sea World 

The beaches of Vadhu Island are self-acquiring, whose beauty increases as the sun sets. The moonlight appears here as if the sea has penetrated the sky. 

Maafushi-Land of Travellers

This is the place of thrilling activities where you can enjoy kayaking, water surfing or seaplane ride. Maafushi has the best beaches of the world. 

Best Time to Visit Maldives 

The Maldives is a tropical region that can visit in every part of the year. However, if you want to skip the rain, November and mid-April will be the most suitable.

Maldives tourism is the busiest from December to March. It is a negligible rainy season, and honeymoon couples opt for the golden season, which makes the usual resorts expensive and the price of activities increases. 

Put on our guide to decide the best month to visit the Maldives. May – October (28°C to 29°C) 

This is the time of the significant events celebrated enthusiastically in Maldives, like Ramadan and Independence Day. Y

ou can experience the sea life on the reef in the middle of the sea. This season is the least busy and cheapest in the year, which gives you a better environment. 

November – April (25°C to 29°C) 

The ideal time to indulge in light rain and sea sports, which the honeymoon couples love the most, come here and enjoys a trip to the seaplane, which is more fun in this season. 

The Maldives is a favorite holiday destination for celebrities. However, this luxurious coastal place is considered expensive. Still, by connecting with a great tour management company.

You can book a Maldives tour package at affordable rates, which will be as convenient and luxurious as any celebrity’s trip.

The tour company makes more people travel, which reduces per capita expenses and their association with hotels and resorts around the world, which gives them a percentage discount. 

Roaming Routes’s Best Maldives Tour Packages from India 

Roaming Routes is the leading travel agent in India specializing in designing affordable tour packages with experienced and skilled staff.

You can go for a relaxing holiday or honeymoon in the Maldives by joining Roaming Routes. Also, make alterations to their existing tour packages as per your needs. 

You can get advantage of our flexible bookings and no cancellation fee on every tourism package also Roaming routes guarantee you the best tour booking price as per the market norms. 

Check the popular Maldives tour packages of roaming routes here. Magical Maldives Tour Package from India

This magical Maldives package with the rest of four days and three nights gives you the chance to fly above the sea, dance on the waves, and kiss the fishes.

So far from the crowded cities of India, this country seems like the paradise of Islamic imagination. Fully covered with coconut trees are ready to welcome you by spreading their arms.

This package will cost you Rs. 55,000 it has a vast list of package inclusions. 

Maldives Tour Package from India With Luxurious 4star/5star Stay 

In just Rs. 55,000, make the world’s best 4/5 star hotels your home. And after every morning breakfast, start exploring heaven. Every comfort you can imagine is present here. 

Romantic Honeymoon Maldives Tour Package

from India With Luxurious 4star/5star Stay

On a starry night, when the sky meets the sea, soak this moment in the arms of your partner and melt it on all aspects of your relationship.

This honeymoon Maldives package from Roaming Routes is available for just Rs 55,000. 


Finally, you realise that Roaming Routes is capable to take your imagination beyond time. The staff who are serious about giving you better entertainment, including attractive places, fly with us to the Maldives.

Perhaps, Maldives is not only holiday destination , but it surely is the best. For the most part, this Maldives tour package from India is comfortable, comprehensive and compatible.

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