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10 Ireland Beaches To Enjoy The Atlantic Ocean Views In 2022 – CIT

Ireland is home to many spectacular beaches. From north to south, Ireland has lots of beautiful beaches. For this reason, choosing best ireland beaches Very challenging. Given below are the main attractions top 10 beaches in ireland you must go Explore the Irish Sea and enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Ireland is already famous for its lush green landscape and many palaces among travellers. Its wild beaches are another reason why you would love to spend some time here.

10 Must-Visit Beaches in Ireland

Ireland has some of the most remarkable beaches in the world. From the secluded bathyscaphe bay to the exposed shoreline, there’s something here for everyone. Although on a sunny day in summer, the water may not be as warm, the dramatic views and clear sea are a delight.

1. Bundoran Beach

Bundoran is a famous beach town in the county of Donegal, Ireland. People mainly visit this place to enjoy a relaxing holiday at the beach resorts. Bundoran Beach is where the locals flock to during the summer season when the mercury soars.

It is also a wonderful place for surfers as the beach offers nice waves to ride. Bundoran was counted among the top 20 surf sites worldwide by National Geographic. And, every summer, there is Sea Sessions – an annual music and surf festival.

location: Sea Road, Bundoran, Ireland
things to do: surfing

2. Killini Strand Beach

Killeen Strand Beach

Killini Strand Beach is a train journey from central Dublin to southern Dublin. Although the beach has stones, it is still possible to have an excellent swim in the shore. Another great way to spend your day here is by walking up the Killini Hill for the stunning panoramic views.

You can also see the Wicklow Mountains, the pristine blue waters of the Irish Sea, and the Bray Headland. You can also get an opportunity to visit Wales provided the weather conditions permit.

location: Killeen, Ireland
things to do: swim, bathe

3. Cominol Beach

couminol beach

Seeing the pictures of this beautiful beach, you will not be able to believe whether this beach exists in real life or not. However, the beauty is that for real, Lonely Planet once named it “one of the gorgeous places on Earth.” Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable and strong tides, swimming here is not recommended. However, one can walk the rocks around and capture the incredible scenery.

location: Dingle, Ireland
things to do: Cominool North, Co. Kerry, Ireland

4. Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach is a small but unique beach in Ireland. Rocky cliffs on both sides surround the impeccably smooth, silky and golden sand. You can go swimming as long as you are not very sensitive to the cold. If you get lucky with the weather you can feel like being in Spain or any other Mediterranean country.

You can enjoy this place with less crowd as this little paradise is little known among the travelers.

location: County Galle Way, Ireland
things to do: Jet Skiing, Swimming, Surfing, Body Boarding

5. Inchidoni Beach

inchidoni beach

Inchidoni Beach is a breath-taking beach with peaceful and expansive sand located on the Irish island. For the past three years, it has received several awards to rule it as the best beach amongst travelers. People come to this nice and clean beach to enjoy a little picnic.

During low tide, the water does not reach the shore, so it is perfect for picnics. To make it easier for travelers, the beach is also connected to the Virgin Mary Bank via a convenient causeway.

location: Inchydoney Island, Inchydoney, Co. Cork, P85 AT27, Ireland
things to do: Kite boarding, swimming and windsurfing

6. Kem Beach

Kem Beach

Nestled in a canyon (shaped like a horseshoe), Kem Beach has a unique incredible bay, and stunning cliffs surround it. People usually fascinate Keem Beach on Achill Island. The Croghoun mountain road has high altitude sea cliffs (the highest in Ireland) and is the only way through which people can reach this beach.

Keem Beach is a famous place for snorkeling enthusiasts and scuba divers. Many people trek to this secluded, but exceptionally charming shore for the spectacular views.

location: Douagh, Achill Island, Ireland
things to do: snorkeling

7. Black Sand Beach

black sand beach

Black sand beach ireland It is known to have black sand, especially at sunset, against the sparkling waters. The beach is visited by a lot of tourists from all countries. But by the end of the evening, the crowd becomes less and it is also a famous place for shooting wedding pictures. You can climb the impressive Black Stack column but at your own risk.

Black Beach Ireland There is free parking, but the restroom charges a fee unless you are inside the restaurant. There are small black stones on the sand. On a stormy day, the waves are powerful and deadly.

location: White Park Bay, Northern Ireland
things to do: jogging, combing the beach

8. Portsalon Beach

Portsalon Beach

Portsalone Beach is on the banks of Lough Swilly and has beautiful golden sand. It is located in a natural heritage area and is conveniently slanted towards the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is gorgeous when viewed from above.

It is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in Donegal and is, in fact, one of the top beaches in Ireland. Enjoy a long walk on the beautiful golden sand surrounded by beautiful hills.

location: Portslawn, Ireland
things to do: jogging, playing golf

9. Inch Beach

inches between

Inch Beach is located on the Dingle Peninsula. It stretches for three miles, and separates the docks of Castlemaine and Dingle. Many travelers approach the peninsula from the east, and Inch Beach gives them a stunning sight to behold. This is a great beach for surfers.

If you don’t know how to surf, you can take surfing lessons available at the institution near the beach. The beach also provides an excellent spot to enjoy watching surfers ride the waves in style. Have a cup of coffee at Sammy’s after enjoying your time at the beach.

location: inch, ireland
things to do: captivating photography

10. Muralo Beach

Murlo Beach

Murlo beach covers a large level sandy beach with pebble hills 2 meters wide above high sea level. A large area of ​​the coastline is classified as a National Nature Reserve. It is an ancient and delicate 6,000-year-old dune system as it sits on the edge of the Morne Mountains and Dundrum Bay.

This is one of the excellent beaches in Northern Ireland for bird watching and visiting. One of the most extraordinary beaches in Ireland, Murlow Beach offers sensational views.

location: Morne Mountains, Northern Ireland
things to do: Kite Surfing and Windsurfing

Best time to visit Ireland

Best time to visit Ireland

The best times to visit Ireland are in April, May, June and September and October as well. Unlike the peak of summer, spring and autumn in Ireland are relatively mild and have fewer crowds and more affordable charges.

In winter, Ireland has cooler temperatures and closed attractions, although it can be ideal for visiting both the countryside and the cities. There can be savings in hotel bookings when traveling in the off-season.

These Ireland beaches will offer you the most mesmerizing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the sunshine and breathe the fresh air on your holiday in Ireland. These beaches may not give you a tropical feel, but the raw and rugged beauty will still manage to win your heart. Also, if you are a beach person, you would not want to miss out on visiting these places anyway.

Frequently asked questions about Ireland beaches

Can you swim in the beaches of Ireland?

The Irish coast features dramatic rocky cliffs and rugged coastlines. There are several coastal swimming areas across the country where you can swim and indulge in other activities including paddle boarding, sea kayaking, etc.

Can you swim in Ireland in the summer?

Ireland offers myriad swimming opportunities throughout the year. The place is surrounded by water and has endless sandy beaches and hidden creeks, dotted with large dunes, rock pools, lakes and waterways.

Is the water warm in Ireland?

You can find warm waters in the vicinity of Ireland, which is near the coasts of Kerry and Cork in the southwest. The sea gets coldest around the coast of Antrim. The temperature varies by about 2 or 3 Celsius.

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