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How to Pack, Clean, and Care for Your Clothes When You Travel

How to Pack, Clean, and Care for Your Clothes When You Travel

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Are you ready for a vacation? I know the pandemic has canceled several local and overseas travel– and you might be stressed out because of this major let down. However, as things are slowly going back to normal, we have to be prepared for our next travel goals.

Traveling is our way to destress and create memorable adventures outside our comfort zone. It should be exciting and fun to take a break from your routine. But, traveling with a load of laundry? Don’t let this be another let down–  you’re supposed to have fun! So, how do you exactly carry your clothes when you travel?

Let’s make things a little easier for you the next time you hop on a plane. Get hold of these helpful tips from what to pack, how to pack, clean, and care for your clothes when you travel.

Pack the Right Clothes and Essentials

One thing to ruin your travel is by packing the wrong clothes and essential, even if it is just for a two-day trip or a long-week trip. It would affect your mood. So, to enjoy your trip check the weather destination. Is it cold? Do you have to deal with a hundred-degree heat? Whatever the situation or weather is, a little research and planning would save you from a lot of discomforts.

Do not bring high-maintenance stuff and clothes that easily wrinkles. Pack those outfits with durable fabrics and stand for a long time inside your bag– remember, you would not know if there is an available iron at the hotel you’re staying.

Also, stick to clothes with a single color scheme. No matter how short or long your trip is, packing outfits that you can mix, match and re-wear could make it a lot easier for your OOTDs. Do not bring clothes that will bleed color when they are wet. You don’t want all of your clothes and luggage to go red because of a wet red shirt, right?

Finally, if you are traveling for business or a special occasion, pack the outfit and essentials that you need for it. So, I suggest to plan and pack the right clothes and essential to save you from a headache and have a memorable trip.

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Pack Clothes the Correct Way

Here’s the hard part of traveling– how to correctly pack clothes inside an empty suitcase? Packing your clothes efficiently in single luggage not only saves you money, but it also keeps your clothes in better condition.

The safest way to save space and keep your clothes wrinkle-free is to roll them. You need to roll your shirts and jeans nicely to accommodate all the travel essentials you need. Packing clothes is a work of art. You really have to think about their arrangement. If you are going to bring jackets, you need to lay them on the bottom of your bag. If you plan to bring delicate clothes, you should carefully fold them and place them at the top of other clothes.

Pack your clothes the correct way to have more space for other traveling essentials and avoid going over the budget. Also, if you packed and arranged your clothes well, you do not have to rummage your bag during your trip– you know where your clothes are located.

Bring a Laundry Bag for Dirty Clothes

If you still have enough time until your next travel and you do not have a laundry bag, it is cool to look for one. Laundry bags made out of microfiber materials are recommended by most travelers. It can hold most of the clothes, but it does not take space and add weight to the luggage.

Aside from helping you separate dirty clothes from the clean ones, it also keeps the smell and dirt away from the rest of the clothes. As you accumulate more dirty laundry during your trip, you do not want your clean clothes and dirty laundry to mix up. Wear fresh clothes during your trip to have a memorable experience.

Also, we cannot deny that we love to take a dip of the hotel’s pool, or you may have included in your itinerary to go to the beach. Traveling does not give you time to airdry your clothes. So, you have to pack wet clothes with you. But, if you have the microfiber laundry bag, you will not have a problem with this. It can properly seal your wet clothes. You do not want to have damp and smelly luggage for the rest of the trip.

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Do the Laundry During Travels

If you are on travel for an extended period, doing laundry is inevitable. You have two options on how you can do the laundry during travels– you can either handwash your dirty clothes in the bathroom of your hotel room, ask the hotel for their laundry service, or stopover a laundromat.

If you wish to handwash your clothes, you need to bring laundry detergent sachets. You can hand wash your clothes in the sink or in the bathtub. Before doing so, make sure to thoroughly wash the sink or bathtub, residues from cleaning products might stain your precious clothes. The only disadvantage of hand washing your clothes in a hotel room is the lack of sunlight and the time it would take to air dry the clothes.

Hang drying your clothes takes longer than you expected, it might take days to thoroughly dry your clothes. Would you really waste your time airdrying your clothes? Well, if your hotel does not offer laundry services, then you could bring your clothes to the nearest laundromat. These laundromats offer wash and fold for travels. It will only take hours to wash and dry your clothes.

That’s it– that’s how you should pack, clean, and care for your clothes when you travel. Always come prepared and pack smartly to avoid ruining your most awaited travel. Laundry day is the least favorite part of the trip, but nothing beats traveling with fresh and clean clothes on.

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