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Top 10 Wonders of Rajasthan: The Castle of Royals and Special Foods

Top 10 Wonders of Rajasthan: The Castle of Royals and Special Foods
Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Rajasthan, widely known as the Land of the Kings and Royals, is a beautiful representation of India’s old-age opulence and grandeur, traces of which still linger in the air of this state.

One of the most effervescent and dynamic states in the country, with a strong amalgamation of culture, history, cuisine, music, and people inviting you with smiling faces – engrossing in love with Rajasthan doesn’t take a lot of time.

Your train trip to Rajasthan might be incomplete if you don’t try the lip-smacking food on trains that the land has to offer, especially the Rajasthani thali.

Rajasthan is the domain of past Maharajas and their lavish palaces and impressive forts. Golden-sand deserts, traditional handicrafts, authentic cuisine and splendorous palaces all make Rajasthan as an ideal vacation spot.

Rajasthan is abundant with forts which offer boundless views of the panoramic landscape. Three most indispensable forts in Rajasthan are the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Amber Fort in Jaipur, and Jaisalmer Fort, commonly known as Sonar Quila. 

The delicacies of Rajasthan are indeed the richest and most loved preparations of India. Foods such as Dal Bati Churma, Ghevar, Gatte ki sabji, Raab and many more are popular all across India, especially in North India, with their popularity spreading beyond the confines of the state.

Don’t forget to greet everyone with “Khamma Ghani” while you’re here!

Top 10 Royal Palaces of Rajasthan Accompanied by Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

1. Amer Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Amer Fort, the architectural marvel is located in Amer, a couple of kilometres from Jaipur, and was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh. This beautiful palace in Rajasthan leaves the tourists enchanted with the art and architecture that has been blessed to the region. Inside the palace, the visitors get an opportunity to see Diwan-I-Aam and Diwan-I-Khas along with Sheesh Mahal, Jai Mandir and different sanctuaries, Kesar Kyari garden, etc.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Dal baati churma

Train from New Delhi: NDLS RAJ SPL (02957)

2. City Palace

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

City Palace is one of the most Royal Palaces in Jaipur built by Raja Sawai Jai Singh. The City Palace reflects the astounding fusion of Rajasthani tradition and Mughal architecture. Inside it, there are multiple minor palaces like Chandra Mahal, and various gardens and temples.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Gatte ki sabzi

Train to Jaipur: BE BHUJ Express (14321).

3. Jaigarh Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Jaigarh Fort is the most famous palace in Rajasthan. It is also known as ‘Victory Fort’. It’s located 400 meters above Amber Fort. One can have the best glimpse of Aravalli hills as well as Amber Fort standing at the Jaigarh Fort. The most exciting attraction is ‘Jaivana Cannon’. Due to some rumours of treasures being buried here, the Fort was closed for visitors. But at present, it is open to all to offer a glimpse of its beautiful palaces, gardens, temples and Museum.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Ker sangri

Train to Amer: JP Double Decker (12986)

4. Nahargarh Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Nahargarh Fort in Rajasthan has a serene ambience. Sawai Raja Jai Singh built the historical Fort in 1734, to protect the city. Some folks believe the fort is haunted by the soul of King Nahar. 

Madhavendra Bhawan, utilized for summer retreat by the King’s family is worth viewing in Nahargarh Fort.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Bajra ki roti with lasun chutney

Train to Reach Jaipur: Rajasthan S Kranti (12463)

5. Chittorgarh Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Chittaurgarh Fort in Rajasthan is the most prestigious historical monument in Udaipur and most visited historical places of Rajasthan. Chitrangada, the Mori Rajput ruler, built this ancient palace. The Fort is admired for its impressive architecture, majestic Rajputana history and the bloody sieges and Jauhar. The ‘Kirti Stambh’ and ‘Vijay Stambh’ are the main allurements of the Fort.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Onion kachori

Train to Reach Chittaurgarh: CHETAK EXP (12981)

6. Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Junagarh Fort is amongst the famous historical monuments in Rajasthan and one of the most attractive historical places in Rajasthan. Built-in 1587 by Raja Jai Singh, the grand Fort remained unconquered with high walls along with deep ditches. 

Magnificent Mahals like Chandra Mahal, Phool Mahal, Karan Mahal, and so on alongside a museum are the primary attraction features of this Fort.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Ghevar

Train to reach Bikaner: DEE BKN S F EXP (12457).

7. Fort Museum, Jodhpur

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

The Fort Museum in the palace of Rajasthan has the royal collection of antique Rajputana weaponry including handguns, daggers, etc. used by rulers in earlier times. Apart from this, there is a placed biplane of WW 1st, pictures and other domestic items used by Maharaja Ganga Singh.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Kadhi kachori

Train to Reach Jodhpur: Vivek Express (19027)

8. Jaisalmer Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

It is in the group of the World’s biggest forts, also called ‘Golden Fort’ or ‘Sonar Quila’. Rawal Jaisal, a Rajput ruler had built the fort in 1156 AD. This historical spot in Rajasthan has witnessed numerous fights.

Significant attractions of the Fort include Merchant Havelis, Lakshminath Mandir, Raj Mahal, four grand gateways.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Methi Bajra Poori.

Train to reach Jaisalmer: Hwh Jsm Exp (12371)

9. Mehrangarh Fort

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

The Mehrangarh Fort of Rajasthan is amongst the World’s most massive forts and lies 400 feet above Jodhpur. The most intriguing part of this Fort is the marks of thick cannonballs that can be seen even now on the Fort’s second gate. The Museum, several remarkable beautified castles and seven doors in the Fort, all have a victorious story to tell visitors.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Panchkuta

Train to reach Jodhpur: Ranakpur Express (14708)

10. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Authentic Rajasthan Cuisine

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is one of the best historical palaces of Rajasthan. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is amongst the most picturesque historical monuments in Rajasthan. Listed among the World’s largest private residential properties, Umaid Bhawan Palace has 347 rooms. It’s located at the Chittar hill, the highest point in the city. Taj Hotels are managing some of the parts of the palace.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine you must try: Raab (Buttermilk)

Train to reach Jodhpur: BDTS HSR SF Exp (22915)There are many glorious palaces in Rajasthan yet to be explored. The true sense of travel starts with delicious cuisines. You can order food in trains on your way to Rajasthan from RailMitra. So, spend your next holiday in Rajasthan and have a splendid experience!

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