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Dungarpur Tourism

An Insight To Dungarpur Tourism

Famous for their artistic abilities of toy-making; silver and gold photograph frame-making and paintings around the stones, Dungarpur is quite a gem city which adds a feather to the cap of Rajasthan tourism.

A property inhabited by Bhils and the Dungarias, this journey appeal in Rajasthan is nestled in foothills of Aravalli with lush wildlife and fertile plains.

Dungarpur provides its rich legacy as tourist appeal, also is home to a number of the most effective tribal temples in Rajasthan, Baneshwar and green marbles which are exported widely out of here.

Among Rajasthan tourism’s best-kept secret, Dungarpur is a joy to see. This offbeat destination in Rajasthan is perfect for history fans, who have ample chances to take a peek at the unique architecture and imperial homes that the nation is indeed pleased with.

According to the historical documents, Dungarpur was brought back on the Rajasthan map from Rawal Veer Singh at 1358 A.D., that was also the eldest son of the ruler of Mewar – Karan Singh.

There are a number of historic tourist attractions in Dungarpur such as Udai Bilas Palace, Juna Mahal, and Badal Mahal.

The majority of these architectural wonders have been adorned with all the’jharokhas’ (dividers ) and constructed in 1 signature fashion that was brought to the film during the right time of Maharawal Shiv Singh (1730-1785 AD).

Architecturally, the city is a treasure trove that’s found in the south most corner of Rajasthan.

Aside from a legacy tour, Dungarpur provides itself with a perfect spot for the religious tour as the town is dotted with many temples out of that Baneshwar Temple is the main place to see.

Other Critical temples to visit from Dungarpur include Surpur, Nagfanji, Deo Somnath, Kshetrapal, Vijay Rajrajeshwer, and Shrinathji, that is determined by the bank of this pristine Gaib Sagar Lake.

Evening festivals and time create the bank of the sacred lake come to life when a massive crowd swarms to search for the boon of Shrinathji.

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