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Chittorgarh Tourism

Chittoor, the mention of this title brings to mind-boggling epic Rajput kings exhibiting bravado and valour.

A little district mainly famous for its fort perched on a mountain, Chittorgarh is a significant tourist spot in Rajasthan.

The tourism at Chittorgarh revolves around the impregnable fort that’s bordered by palaces and is hard to approach.

The fort houses palaces, temples, lakes and lawns, all of fantastic interest to tourists searching for the very best historic travel places to visit in Rajasthan.

A complete manifestation of this opulent Rajput history, Chittorgarh is a traveller’s chance to have a rendezvous with glorious beyond.

Full of design splendour, Chittorgarh’s prized possession stays its powerful and majestic fort, and this really is a fine instance of Rajputana architecture.

This, among the very best sightseeing areas in Rajasthan once was exalted because of the eighty-four waterfronts.

Regrettably, some remain now and all them are rain-fed or so are organic regions of the catchment.

Sprawling at a place of 700 acres, also on a hillock with an altitude 180 m, that this hot spot to visit has many historic tales of honourable Rajput girls, sieges, chivalry and romanticism.

It’s said that this renowned tourist attraction in Rajasthan was constructed at the Epic Mahabharata occasions when Bhim among the Pandavas created Bhimtal (a lake) in its folds.

The Rajputs knew the way to set up strategic vantage towers within their battlements which currently allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the environment of Chittor.

A zigzag route runs for 1 km from the new portion of Chittor into Ram Pol, the major entry to the fort, holding monuments and ancient structures that are a must see.

Amongst top places to see in the fort are Vijaya Sthambha, Kirti Sthambha, a quiet lake having pristine waters known as the Gaumukh Kund, sacred Jain and Hindu temples and magnificent waterfalls.

Another must see at the fort stays the ruins of Nagina Bazar and Moti Bazar, that have been the bustling markets in this fort.

The ideal time to see Chittorgarh is through the Jauhar Mela, which will be held annually to commemorate the painful sacrifice made by Rani Padmini and the women of court at the fort after a war has been lost by their own guys.

Aside from the fort, tourism in Chittorgarh is all about seeing both wildlife sanctuaries which sprawl from the district.

Tourism at Chittorgarh has increased manifold after the UNESCO declared it to stay preserved as a World Heritage Site from the 2013 convention.

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