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Bir Billing the most Adventures place of Himachal Pradesh

Bir Billing the most Adventures place of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer tourists. This is one of the friendly tourist countries in India. Known as Devbhoomi or the land of the gods, this temple is known for its temple and place of worship.

The country is blessed with dusty and Himalayan mountains that organize tourists in search of different types of adventures. Himachal Pradesh is famous for travel and cycling and is a favorite place for parasols. Bir Billing is one of the most renowned and highest paragliding locations in the world.

I have planned a long trip to this region. For this reason, I had to delete several times. Finally, on the long weekend of January 26 this year, my friends and I made a four-day trip.

Travel Bir Billing – 2020 What to Know Before You Go

In this post, I will share my travel experiences and what to do once you get there. And some vital information that helps travelers plan great trips.

Journey Starts

There are thousands of locations in India and around the world that are famous for their adventurous activities. But because of the plane’s height and duration, heroic bills arise between them because anyone can take on this experience.

The starting point for paragliding in Bir Billing is about 3,200 meters above sea level, which is relatively high compared to other sites. Second, the average Bir Billing trip time is around 20-25 minutes, which is again more elevated than the average for other locations. I am paragliding in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. I can say that there are no parallel parasols in Bir Billing compared to other parts of India.

Where is Bir Billing?

Bir is one of the most famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, and it is a village in Pajnath city in Kangra district, about 532 km from the national capital Delhi. Paragliding sites are divided into two parts: the Hero Landing Site and Point Bir.

My experience in Bir Billing

My trip included the first day in the Parrot Valley and the second day in Bir.

We started the road trip from Delhi this morning to avoid traffic jams in the city. When I first started my journey on the most challenging road in India, it reminded me of the Track Gauze Pass. It took us fourteen hours to reach Perotti from Delhi. On the way, we stopped at Ambala for breakfast, crossed Anna on the Punjab border and Himachal Pradesh, and enjoyed lunch at Kangra.

In particular, the journey from Kangra to Bir amazing in the snow that covers Aka Mountains. Near the Buddhist Dharamsala, we noticed many Buddhist monks on the way. Passing by the Lumpur, a city famous for the films of King Hindustan and the sacred town of Bajnath, we finally reached the Valley. Bored of day trips, we decided to rest the next day and explore the valley.

Barot Valley

Morning in Barot Valley differs from my typical day. One cold morning, we met and dared to leave our family. Remember that January 26 is the highest winter in northern India on weekends. The day before, he had driven for about an hour in the dark and missed the view of the valley. Getting a full view of the valley in the morning was enough for us.

I was surprised to see this scene. The whole valley appears to be covered with white blankets. Mercury is below 2-3 ° C and forces us not to shower.

Uhl river

The Uhl River flows through the Himachal Pradesh in Barot Valley and serves as the lifeline for the locals who live there. After a light breakfast, we left for the polling village after a short trip. The polling station is 9 km from Barot and 5 km from our hotel.

Due to the latest snowfall, the main road between Polling and Baronetage has been closed. We had to leave the car and use the local Roma. We started at 11 am, after a short 30-minute trip, we reached the village of Lohardi.

We traveled the remaining distance from Lohardi. Although there are local guides, the Uhl River is the best guide we can follow. The snow continues.

The only option was Kulcha, and we happily settled for it. After lunch, we continued our trek, and in 35 minutes, we were at the peak.


Soon it started to snow. For many of my friends, this was their first encounter with snow. The 360 views around the area shocked us. Voting in the country is small. We cannot believe that we walked in such a short space of time. We enjoyed the movie for about an hour and tried out some pictures. It was getting dark and was about to return once the breeze began.

Back in the City of Polling, we could not walk because of the cold, wet shoes. We arranged for the Romans to stop the bridge. We came back to our guest house with memories of a beautiful trip and a painful experience.

Experience at Bir Billing

The next day was special – we were on a beautiful trip. We traveled from Tota, across the city of Joginder nagar, and reached the village of Bir. The 52-kilometer trek from the parrot to the Bir is on the road to the museum that crosses the beautiful Himalayan countryside.

I was fascinated by the city of the heroes, unlike the village. All the people who live here do well in travel, especially viruses. It is full of accommodation, restaurants, and restaurants, and restaurants to cater to travel needs. Many work as drivers, guides, potters, and trainers.

We are reviewing our space with our manager. There is a two-hour delay. So we decided to have lunch and try the pictures to paint. As we continued our journey, we used a tarpaulin and moved to the nearby hill.

This money is 21 miles from the brewery, and it took two hours to get there. Despite the rainy, touristy days, many visitors were surprised. We fill out our contact form and wear protective liquor

The paragliding experience

This is an easy task. You should run as fast as possible and jump over the mountain. At speed, air collects the air needed to move you forward. A flyer can accommodate two people. The tourist sat in the front seat, while the rear passenger used all the ropes and ropes as in Udhampur District.

Once we were up the hill, it took us a few minutes to adjust and understand the atmosphere. As soon as I knew it, I started chatting with my life and telling him about my experience. He promised to get down to the end of our flight.

My GoPro has started recording bird watching in the Valley and Doldhar. A great wind blew. I could not hold the camera because I was too cold to reveal my bare hands.

I realized to myself that I did not have gloves. Despite all the pain and suffering, I enjoyed every moment of the journey. The hills and villages are small. You’ll be happy to see more lightning in the sky. Realize that birds are a harmless animal. My flight took another 18 minutes.

At the end

As we approached the entrance, my guide showed me how to roll. During the cycle, the movement is at a lower speed than the flight speed. I was surprised by the experience.

After going down, I thanked him for the trip, and it was a great experience. At the end of our journey, we paid Rs 2,000 per person and Rs 500 for the camera. I had to pay Rs 2,000 when I shipped my goods.

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