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Advantages & Tips for Solo Travelling in India

Advantages & Tips for Solo Travelling in India

Going on a solo travelling is everyone’s dream to look forward to, being crazy about it, waited a lifetime for this opportunity. But for some reason, when it’s not possible, it’s very frustrating, irritating & annoying. Sometimes we decide and at the last moment we are afraid to go alone; unfortunately, the plan is gets cancelled. 

Basically, this fear is not about to go alone, this fear is to be alone in this world for some time. As our routine revolves around people we know and that’s why we feel very safe in such an environment, maybe this will be the main reason. Another reason would be the right & ideal guidance.
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Many of us like to travel alone but don’t know where and how to start the journey; also you may not have found the right guide and that’s why some things are not stable for you like hotel bookings, travel tickets of the bus, train or plane.

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Let’s take a look at some of the Advantages & Tips to give you the right solution on solo travelling.

Advantages of Solo Travelling

Get to Know Yourself

This is the time in which you can find yourself, what you want for yourself? What do you want from your life span? How do you want to live in? Solo travelling is the right time to get answers to such questions.

At this point, you will realize that your decision is yours, whether it is wrong or right. This is the time you have waited to do whatever you want to.

It is Cheaper

Yes, travelling alone will save money. Let’s assume you are going on a group trip, it may cost more than you expect and have no choice. No matter how hard you try to save money, it is not possible.

When solo travelling, you can do whatever you want like to eat, hang around, hit to the pubs and save money. Read our another content about Travel health: the golden rules of every traveler

Leave the shell of Comfort Zone

You always want to challenge yourself and behave differently, but we can’t because of our usual responsibilities and job. So you have nothing but waiting for the right opportunity and yes this is the time when you can motivate & pleased yourself.

Be the real you & behave out of the box. Challenge yourself to get rid of your fears, do things you haven’t done so far so that you feel refreshed. 

Make New Travel Buddies 

Whenever you go on a trip alone, miss your friend’s company. In that case, make new friends wherever you are travelling so that if you have a problem or need some help, that friend can help you.

Don’t make friends just because you will need them. Tell them about your city, lifestyle so the conversation between the two of you will be more open.

Make the best bond so you will remember the place and people for the rest of your life and you will have memories of meeting such interesting people. 

Improve Language Skills

Everyone knows some languages other than their mother tongue. Maybe you like to learn a new language but in a fast-paced life, it is not possible.

But when you travel alone to a new city, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn the local language. I mean, you don’t have to be proficient in it, but even if you learn basic words or sentences of that language, it will be a lot. 

Take Your Own Decisions

In solo travelling, you can think only of yourself. You can find the road where you want to go; all the decisions about the journey will be yours, if there is any problem, you have to solve it.

This will increase your problem-solving capability. Sometimes living selfishly will allow satisfying your unfulfilled expectations. Also, it will help to uplift your confidence.

Enjoy Your Own Company

When you travel alone for a long time, you unknowingly start liking your own company. After a while, you realize how much fun it is to travel alone. There is so much to explore. It also challenges your intelligence to do whatever you want to for yourself.

These Memories will be Remembered Forever

Started a journey with hesitation but it will end with long term memories, that will be cherished throughout the lifetime. These memories will keep you refreshed with positive energy at every turn of life.


Tips for Solo Travelling

Plan in Advanced

Travel tickets, hotel bookings should be planned in advanced because of the place, people, & culture will be different and surprise you. So if you planned well there will be no trouble.   

Take Less Luggage

This is the obvious reason like how can you carry 2 or 3 bags with yourself, and if carrying such number of bags, definitely you will be overwhelmed by this.

So one traveller bag is enough for you, which having a lot of space for your clothes, insidious pockets for valuable things like passport, ID & other things like a charger, water bottle, food packets, etc.

Use the Technology

Take advantage of useful applications like navigations, maps, local transport’s time table, dictionary, etc. if you are hesitating or scared to ask a stranger about the place/directions which you are going to visit then such applications will help you a lot.  

Keep Important Things at Secured Place

This is the highlight point of your journey on which you should pay more attention to. Whenever you are checking out from the hotel you must check your essential things like passport, money, credit/debit cards, mobile, etc. If you lose any of these things it will cost a lot for getting these things back. 

Stay Connected With Family & Friends

Always keep in touch with the family or friends via the voice calls, messages or video call so that they too know where you are and are safe. Also, make emergency contact number list if something happens to you; your nearby people can contact to your family. 

Try to Be Open-Up With Strangers

If you are an introvert person then this will be quite difficult for you open-up with some strangers. But at least you can try though, try to interact with the random person asking about directions, some ancient things, about their culture, etc. anything but start interacting, ask questions.  

Prefer the Public Transport

When you travelling to a new place, you don’t easily trust new people and sometimes it becomes difficult to travel by private taxi. Every time you think someone is going to hurt or rob you.

Then in such, a case you must choose public transport over the private one. There will be a lot of people around you and you won’t be afraid.

Connect with Other Travelers

When you are going for solo travelling the only constant is a stranger that you will meet at every time. It will be quite helpful to make strangers as a friend because if something bad happens, they will be the ones closest to you. So share your experiences with them, get to know their experiences. 

Buy Travel Insurance

Another valuable advice for the solo traveller is to buy travellers insurance. The amount of such insurance varies across different countries but it is a must. While buying such insurance make sure it covers the charge of getting someone by your side in case you land in the hospital.  


Solo travel is captivating & compulsive mode of travel in the 21st century. As our daily lives are messier that includes regular routine, regular people, regular food and regular places.

Such as usual & determined life we are spending. Solo travelling can be the moment you want to refresh yourself. It could be really one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have. Sure, its fun to make memories with your friends and family, but solo travellers have plenty of fun too.

You just need to have a positive attitude. Guys, you are on the holiday which means a break from your regular routine put the regular life on hold and experience something new. 

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